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sparsa thiruvannamalai - An Overview

About Tiruvannamalai Sanctuary

The vast majority of the enthusiasts in Tamilnadu visit Tiruvannamalai for Sanctuary. History says that Annamalai was not a slope to arrive at in the good 'old days. It implies Annamalai was the fire structure that never came near anybody.

The name of the slope is known as the Thiru (for significance) + Annamalai = Thiruvannamalai by the name of Ruler, as the Master is as fire. There are likewise Individual spots for Pancha Bootha Sakthi in Tamil Nadu. Annamalai is where Agni Sakthi is arranged.

Thiruvannamalai, a customary profound fascination, is currently extremely famous. Thiruvannamalai is popular and best for Giravalam. The premises of the sanctuary engineering are of extraordinary worship.

Aficionados from many pieces of South India drop by during numerous celebrations chiefly the Karthikai Deepam celebration yearly. The historical backdrop of this great Tiruvannamalai Region is exceptionally Old.

Aside from these, the regions like Arani, Devikapuram, and Vandavasi have been fundamental spots in English rule. To start with, Sambhuvaiyars, who was a little ruler under the Cholas, was then headed by the military headed by the public authority. The Post of Kailasanathar and the Stronghold in Arani are observers of it.

The Thiruvannamalai Region was important for the North Arcot Area and was working from September 30, 1989, to September 30. It is limited by Vellore Area toward the North and Kanchipuram in the East, Villupuram in the South, and Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri Region in the West.

Managerial Units

Thiruvannamalai, Arani, and Cheyarai for Thiruvannamalai Region are the three divisions of Thiruvannamalai and isolated into 12 Taluks in particular Tiruvannamalai, Keelpennathur, Chengam, Thandarampattu, Polur, Kalasapakkam, Arani, Chethupattu, Cheyyar, Vembakkam, Vandavasi, Jamunamarathur. It has 18 Panchayat Associations and 4 Regions with 10 Town Panchayats and 860 Panchayats.


Thiruvannamalai Locale is situated in the Northern piece of Tamil Nadu and it was 190 km from Chennai, and 210 km away from Trichy a ways off. The complete region is 6188 square kilometers.


Thiruvannamalai Region is the locale with rice creation in the front. The primary quality is here to be traded to different pieces of the state additionally to different states and abroad. Oats like paddy, sugarcane, and banana and enduring harvests like peanuts, corn, and millet are filled in huge amounts. Millets are filled in the Javvathu Slopes. There is likewise organic product, for example, jackfruit and cheetah are developed and banana is filled in enormous amounts. Around 56% of the complete populace relies upon farming.


In Tiruvannamalai Region, Enterprises are exceptionally low number accessible. Sugar Factories are situated in Cheyyar, Polur, and Konlunthampattu regions. Lakshmi Saraswathi Cotton Factory is situated in Sevur at Arani. In Cheyyar SIPCOT premises are made of shoes and engine spare parts. An enormous number of dark stones, colors stones, and delicate stones are accessible in this locale.


The Thiruvannamalai Annamalaiyar Sanctuary is situated in the capital of the locale and is eminent for its splendid Renukaambal sanctuary, the Thanjangar Banda Rangan Sanctuary, and the Devikapuram Periyanayaki Sanctuary. Aside from these, vacation places like Sattanur Dam, Parvathalai, Jawadu Talalai, Mamandur Cavern Sanctuaries, Tirumalai Jain Sanctuary, Goolamandal, Brahmadeshasam are the other vacation spots.


There are a sum of 1798 armpits, 219 secondary schools, and 160 secondary schools. Aside from these, the Woodland School, Jawahar Reddy School, the School and the CBSE schools in the city are covered by the training of the understudies. Aryan, Chengam, and Polar Instructive Areas have been made to isolate 2 scholarly regions of Thiruvannamalai and Chevar for an authoritative reasons.


There are 417 medical services habitats, 114 essential well-being communities and 20 government emergency clinics in all locale of Thiruvannamalai, and one emergency clinic and medical clinic in the region are being government assistance. There are 5 meds and 113 drug stores for animal support.

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