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Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park


The Mahatma Gandhi Marine Recreational area was made in the year 1983. It is organized in Wandoor city of Andaman. The Recreational area shows various marine lives saved. The Amusement region is enclosed by various Islands, which work with many water sports for voyagers and fulfill them with its tranquil greatness.

Opening times:

The whole Day (Besides Monday)

9 am to 3 pm

Entry Charge:

Indian per individual Rs 50/ -

Youth Rs 25/ -

Pariah per individual Rs 500/ -

photography Rs 25/ -


Boondocks Office Award per individual Rs 50/ -

Award Open at Counter on Wandoor Dock

Plastic containers and Packs - Not Allowed

At whatever point passed - Need on to store cash (for each plastic thing)

Security Store (up to 3 Containers) - Rs 100/ -

Camera Permit - Rs 25/ -

The best strategy to Reach:

Through Air:Nearest:

Vir Savarkar Overall Air terminal - 20 km

By Road:Nearest:

Port Blair - 18 km

Ø State Transport and Classified Transports - Open

By Boat:

Ø Vishakhapatnam to Port Blair - 1200 km

Ø Chennai to Port Blair - 1190 km

Ø Kolkata to Port Blair - 1255 km

Islands Nearby:

The Mahatma Gandhi Marine Recreational area is encompassed by 15 Islands. The once-over of the underneath islands and distinguishing strengths of all of them are given for the better getting a handle on the Recreational area.

Once-over of Islands:

Name Of The Island Strength

Alexandra Reef wall, Sea fan Wild

Magnificence Conflicting Coral Reef

Floating Turtle settling beach, giant grouper

Chester Gigantic coral rock, sea fans

Grub Splendid Coral Reef, giant shellfish, feather stars

Hobday Lowered cave, beast grouper, saltwater crocodile domain

Lighthearted Float Huge shoals of fishes, an incredible assortment of corals, and a reef wall

Malaya Crude coral reefs

Pluto Crude coral reefs

Redskin Reef wall, a high assortment of corals, saltwater crocodiles regular environmental factors

Sharpshooter Strong rhythmic movement, sea fans

Egomaniac conflicting coral reef, seagrass beds

Twins Turtle settling sea side, sharks, manta radiates, moray eels

Tarmugli Turtle settling sea side, saltwater crocodile normal environmental factors, completely clear water, sharks

Rutland Game Fishing, Regular life Sheets

Mahatma Gandhi marine recreational area timings, fees,bookings, opening time, closing time

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