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las vegas trip planning

 Vegas las trip day itinerary city planning guide travel hotels Vegas itinerary las Vegas trip to Vegas las Vegas itinerary trip to las Vegas day las Vegas itinerary day las Vegas itinerary

las vegas trip planning
las vegas trip planning

Plan a day in las vegas

Planning a day in Las Vegas is never easy - the options are endless! In our opinion, the best way to plan your 1-day Las Vegas itinerary is to follow our Las Vegas sightseeing recommendations on the first day of the 3-day Las Vegas itinerary detailed above.

Plan 3 days in Las Vegas in the spring or fall - you'll thank me later. These months have been great weather (70-80 degrees F), decent crowds (the key word here is "like" - Vegas always has a big crowd), and the prices are much better.

Create a las vegas itinerary

If you're planning a trip to Las Vegas, you should stay somewhere that makes your Las Vegas trip as convenient as possible. This vibrant city is full of accommodation options for all budgets, and there are plenty of great places to stay in Las Vegas!

This 3-day Las Vegas itinerary offers a variety of activities and attractions covering the best of Las Vegas highlights. The itinerary is fun, but the schedule provided can easily be done in three days. When you visit every stop on this Las Vegas itinerary, you can save up to 65% off combined admission prices with a Go Las Vegas pass. The pass gives you the flexibility to choose which attractions to visit from over 10 options, making it the perfect way to explore Las Vegas, no matter the length of your stay.

Plan a las vegas trip

Embark on a full-day tour from Las Vegas to California and the West Coast! Participants travel in small groups to Los Angeles to visit famous sites such as the Santa Monica Pier, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the famous homes of celebrities in Beverly Hills. Learn more!

Now that you've warmed up, it's time to hit the Las Vegas Strip—officially known as the Las Vegas Strip. The lavish casino complexes that line the Las Vegas Strip are a sight to behold—especially when the sun goes down and the neon lights come on. While the whole scene is stunning, we recommend starting with the Las Vegas attractions in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip—we'll be highlighting the top picks.

Choosing the best las vegas vacation hotels

I could go on and on about the unique theme of each hotel, but whichever you prefer, just make sure you stay on the Strip between the Sunset Strip and the Sahara Desert. Since you're only in Vegas for three days, make sure you're there!

Home to glitz and glamorous hotels, Las Vegas almost calls for luxury. So why not make your Vegas vacation shine by booking a luxury package? Think decadent accommodations, spa facilities, swimming pools, and world-class restaurants for starters. An obvious choice is Bellagio on the Las Vegas Strip. There's no better Vegas getaway than this 5-star resort, which offers an upscale casino, pool, hot tub, and poolside spa services.

Enjoying the best vegas restaurants

There's something for every taste and appetite at the best restaurants in Las Vegas, so indulge in a delicious meal during your Las Vegas vacation. The nightlife in Sin City is incredible, too, so grab an after-dinner cocktail at one of Las Vegas' rooftop bars.

Or experience luxury living at The Venetian Las Vegas. Take advantage of 10 swimming pools, 40+ restaurants, and the Grand Canal Mall at this classic 5-star Las Vegas Strip hotel. Here, ride a gondola along a replica of Venice's Grand Canal for an unforgettable Vegas travel experience. For more inspiration, browse our luxury Las Vegas vacation packages and find, create and book the most enjoyable vacation in seconds.

Planning a trip to las vegas is a daunting task, but with the help of these tips, you can make it a breeze

Good to know: Estimated walking times to various locations are a very important part of planning your Vegas stay. In general, allow more time than you need to travel from one place to another! Here are our top tips for visiting Las Vegas.

Yes, you can. We fully understand that even the best plans can go wrong, so if you need to make changes to your Las Vegas vacation package, we're here to help. If you booked within the last 24 hours, you can cancel or change your trip for free. Your airline, hotel or car rental company may charge you if your reservation takes longer than 24 hours. Visit our customer service portal for more information. Also, be sure to check your itinerary for basic information on change fees.

Planning your perfect las vegas vacation

Whether you're here to play the games, enjoy the nightlife, or just want to do something, we've got the perfect Las Vegas, Nevada vacation package for you. Many cities try to claim that there is something for everyone, but in this City of Dreams, it's true. Travelocity brings you this side of the Hoover Dam with the best prices and easiest booking.

Plan 3 days in Las Vegas in the spring or fall - you'll thank me later. These months have been great weather (70-80 degrees F), decent crowds (the key word here is "like" - Vegas always has a big crowd), and the prices are much better.

Seeing the sights in las vegas on a day trip

Las Vegas looks like an oasis in the Nevada desert. Casinos, nightclubs, themed hotels and lavish attractions set it apart, but not everyone knows that there are just as many restaurants as there are a staggering number of casinos. As with any Las Vegas event, it starts off on the Strip, which is…

Las Vegas is more than the Strip and gambling. There are a variety of day trips from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Grand Canyon, the Mojave Desert, and even the old nuclear test site. As a result, you can spend a lot of time in Las Vegas—exploring the surrounding area during the day and exploring the Las Vegas Strip at night.

Gambling in las vegas

Whether you want to play for $20 or $2,000, the first thing you need to do to play in Las Vegas is signed up for a loyalty card at the casino you play at. If you're going to spend the money anyway, you can also try to get some back...

To "audit" a nightclub, you can play for a few hours at one of the hotels. Play and drink for free on the Las Vegas Strip! The cocktail server will walk around asking if you want anything as long as you are having fun.

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