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Greymouth Tourist Activities



On Yer Bicycle is around 5 kilometers north of Greymouth. It is a travel business that gives rides on quad bicycles through some normal West Coast local timberland. The business was started in 1997 by Mike and Sue Roper. Before the business, Mike Roper was a cabbie around Greymouth. The experienced business is strongly suggested by past guests as included on TripAdvisor.

The ranch where the business is arranged has been in the Roper family beginning around 1917 when Micheal's grandparents, Charles and Violet moved to the area. During the 1960s and 70s, Micheal's folks ran a chicken homestead however this finished in 1978 when new guidelines made the business non-feasible. Dairy cattle and sheep have forever been essential for the homestead tasks regardless is, yet a little part these days considering the outcome of the quad bicycle business.

During your experience, you will probably run over some of New Zealand's local birds like the Weka, Tui, Kereru (wood pigeon), Fantail, and Pukeko

One more sideline to On-Yer-Bicycle is the bistro where clients can drop in for a cuppa and just to add one more string to her bow, Sue Roper does knit, and with her different responsibilities, everything keeps her occupied.

A long time back there was a school close to the area. It was classified as "The Camp School," the name of the locale. Nobody knows how it got its name, yet it is presumably because the main sawmill on the West Coast was at Coal Spring, and "The Cap" may have been alluded to by the ones who were working at the sawing plant.

Coal River is a region that is inclined to flooding. The water in some cases comes over the street close On-Yer-Bicycle as the river floods with the volume of water that descends from the mountains.

Preceding the above span being fabricated, traffic would need to cross the rail route tracks and search every way for approaching trains. Supposedly, there was a train/fender bender before the extension was constructed. Be that as it may, during the 1968 seismic tremor, a vehicle ran into the edge of the scaffold as it went all over bringing about the demise of the driver.

Coulthard/Lobby Dedication

Only preceding Runanga is the Coultard/Lobby Remembrance. This was the location of the Runanga Finance Burglary ninth November 2017. The compensation vehicle left Greymouth that morning with the wages and pay rates of the diggers which totaled practically 4k. Similarly, as the vehicle was going to transform the corner it ran into a hindrance in the street. The driver Coultard set out of the vehicle to eliminate the obstacle and at that point, a covered man showed up from the shrub yelling, "Hands-Up" before terminating at Coultard. He passed on at the scene. The burglar then rushed to the vehicle and requested the money however Corridor, who was the mine's representative would not comply and discharged two shots from a gun he conveyed. The burglar shot Corridor from short proximity so close that Lobby's garments were ablaze when he was watched out for after the burglary. James was terminated by the looter and was hit in the thigh and behind. The looter got the cash before making his getaway across the railroad lines and carefully hidden.


The municipality of Runanga was shaped in 1904 as a coal mining town. Preceding framing of Runanga the region was canvassed in local shrubs yet the houses which were worked to house the diggers were worked with the lumber of the trees which were felled to clear a path for the municipality. The town succeeded with the launch of a few coal mineshafts nearby. A railroad line between Greymouth and Runanga was worked to ship the coal out of the area. The train additionally worked traveler administrations. Runanga had its train station as did Rerenui which was near where one of the mines was working.

On-yer-bicycle is a vacationer action close to Greymouth on the West Bank of New Zealand's South Island. There are some of these sorts of vacation activities all over the planet however this one is remarkable in that it takes in the landscape which must be tracked down on the West Coast. You can peruse more about the West Coast on my site www, Greymouth

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