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An Atmospheric Journey in Amorgos

An Atmospheric Journey in Amorgos

An island relatively legendary. We begin today an environmental voyage. 

It is the island of Amorgos with its unending blue, Amorgos with its vitality handle, its sparkling light, and its wonderful magnificence. 

The island of Amorgos, the origination of the verse and of the artist Nikos Gatsos. 

Situated on the south end of the Cyclades however in the core of the Aegean Archipelagos. Multi-day visit on one of the unique islands of Greece. 

7: oo am. 

As the day's first-day pontoon leaves from Aegiali, traveling West towards the Cyclades and Piraeus. We surmise on the essences of the travelers the conceivable end of their excursion and this sweet exhaustion that leaves you a decent trek when it achieves its end. In any case, our day visit to Amorgos just started. 

8:40 am, South East of Cyclades 

Amorgos, it is said that it took its name from the "Amorgos" plant as a sort of flax with which Amorgos tunics were made off. It is situated at the north end of the Cyclades, after Naxos and the Small Cyclades. With two normal harbors, Katapola and Aegiali, and an unfathomably delightful "hora", a standout amongst the most excellent of the Cyclades, Amorgos appear to cross the Aegean Sea and its boundlessness. 

9:35 am, the Amorgian Pastel 

We begin our day with a sweet the conventional Amorgian pasteli and a Greek espresso obviously. 

Amorgos is well known for some customary and most loved items, for example, pasteli, rose-sugar, raki, raki... 

Rose Sugar is a novel item produced using wildflower petals that blossom in May that are manipulated with sugar and lemon. Pastel is made with nectar and sesame seeds. It is the sweet offered on lemon demulcent, if there should be an occurrence of immersion and festivities, constantly went with raki. 

10:42 am, the "Chief Morgan" of the Cyclades 

The French love Amorgos and Amorgos the French. In this dependable relationship of adoration and common regard, the tale of Bertrand emerges. Bertrand from Amorgos made a long adventure to all the world to come back with his pontoon to Amorgos. Today he composes travels with a customary watercraft in the Aegean, which he thinks about the best place for such treks. 

12:15 pm, somewhat closer to God. 

Visit the religious community of Ag. Georgios of Valsamitis. 

A point where old occasions, Orthodoxy, a celebrated watermill, the god Apollo, Saint George, the water that anticipates what will occur later on, and the consistent scan for reality, exist through and through. In the eighth century, a symbol was found by then thus a cloister was constructed. Today it is a position of otherworldly inspiring, quietness, peacefulness and inside inquiry. 

13:30 pm A long adventure in the "chora" 

The capital of the island, "Chora" of Amorgos highlights the exemplary Cycladic excellence with tight, cobbled avenues, whitewashed two-story houses, curves, and endless holy places. The image is finished with a faultless white, precious stone about blue sky and the boisterous, warm shades of the bougainvillea. 

These are known and dearest in our Cycladic shading palette. 

Another trademark is the run of the mill slope with windmills, which look out over the Aegean Sea. 

A major logical inconsistency on the off chance that you think about the long periods of privateer assaults. These winding, limited boulevards, this labyrinth of the "chora" served then to escape of occupants, who ran and lost in here to escape from the privateers. 

14:45 pm, Meeting with the history 

A visit to the people gallery, where the island's authentic files are facilitated. This chronicle has been gathered over numerous decades and has been digitized as of late. The Chronicle has reported from 300 years back. 

In the archives, it is mirrored the way of life of the occupants of the island and the progressions that interceded amid the hundreds of years. Vital chronicled raw numbers about the more seasoned picture of Amorgos are likewise on these pages of documents. You can even discover recorded, characteristic wonders and debacles influencing the scene yet additionally the economy - a society of the island. 

15:45 pm, St Anne and the Virgin Mary of Hozoviotissa 

Holy person Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary and the Virgin Mary emblematically meets here on the East side of the island. 

We are discussing the well known little house of prayer of St. Anne and the well-known shoreline, with incredibly sea green/blue shades of the water that shaped the regular background for the film of Luc Mpesson "Huge Blue". The Ag. Anna seems as though it is here in a continuous discussion with the religious community of Virgin Mary of Hozoviotissa, which represents nine centuries roosted up there on the precarious incline. 

Amorgos is celebrated for its climbing trails. The most well-known course is the move to the religious community of Hozoviotissa, 300 stairs and numerous stopovers to appreciate this hair-raising perspective that is amazing. Remain here, and appreciate the immensity of the world in one of the greatest and most delightful galleries. 

16:20 pm, Facing the Aegean Sea, looking for God 

Worked in disobedience of the scene, and in the meantime lauding the significance of the world, snared on soak shakes, the religious community of Hozoviotissa looks balanced as a supernatural occurrence. 

It appears to adjust on a thin rope that isolates the material world from the profound Hymn to human will, and confidence. Nearly against common laws, a meteor in the Aegean. Meteor as the huge number of unanswered inquiries of humankind. The religious community was worked in 1088 and the event for its introduction was to discover the symbol of the Virgin Mary who touched base here from Hozhova in Palestine, a place close to the Holy Land and Jericho. 

An island, an enormous blue grasp, and a wonderful place that influences the spirit of the general population 

18:30 the Vespers and the Castle 

We come back to the "chora" and is as of now the hour of Vespers. 

Visit then the numerous chapels in the "chora" and we are going towards the Castle that rules on the stone amidst the town. 

It is there since the thirteenth century. It is a Venetian building. At the highest point of the bluff will lead you a precarious staircase based on the north side, while to leave the Castle you pass first from the church of Ag. George. From the Castle now the view is all-encompassing and reaches up to Naxos, the little Cyclades, and IOS. Starting here, the occupants could control the ocean of Naxos and Astypalaia. 

21:45 pm, "Amorgiano mou perasma» 

Stop at the bistro with conventional music played by youthful performers. Amorgos is celebrated for the revels sorted out at each chance... 

Amorgos by N. Gatsos 

To a green star 

Underhanded observers to men are eyes and ears on the off chance that they have brute spirits. HERACLITUS 

With their nation tied to the sails, their paddles suspended in the breeze 

the wrecked dozed agreeable as dead monsters on sheets of wipes 

be that as it may, the eyes of the kelp are swung to the ocean 

in case the south breeze bear them back with new-colored sails 

furthermore, a lost elephant is constantly worth somewhat more than the two bosoms of a 

trembling young lady. 

just let the tops of demolished mountain churches light up with want for the 

evening star 

give the fowls a chance to come in waves to the poles of the lemon trees 

with the solid white pants of new advances 

and after that, the breezes will come the assemblages of swans that stay gentle unsoiled 


into the steamrollers of shops in the tornados of cabbage patches 

at the point when the eyes of the ladies wound up dull and the hearts of the chestnut 

dealers broke 

at the point when the reap was halted and the expectations of the crickets started.